Uplifting People and Planet: Eighteen Essential Jewish Lessons on the Environment

New Torah resource for Jewish environmentalists: From the publisher This book is the most comprehensive study in English of how Jewish traditional sources teach us to protect our natural resources and preserve the environment. From food to trees, energy to water, wealth to biodiversity, the book studies eighteen topics where Jewish tradition has a relevant […]

How are we Doing as a Planet This Rosh Hashanah?

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, has profound meaning for the entire world and humanity. Most people familiar with the holiday think of apples, honey, shofar, and as one of the two days that every Jew goes to synagogue. We understand that Rosh Hashanah is about being a better person, reflecting on the past year, […]

We Need Jewish Environmental Organizations on Campus

It’s time for Jewish Environmental Organizations (JEO) on campus. Call them clubs, groups, orgs, societies. Doesn’t matter. They do not exist. However, JEO’s can help galvanize Jewish students around important green issues, educate the Jewish campus ecosystem about Jewish environmentalism, provide a way for Jewish students to conect to their people and heritage, and even […]

America’s 21st Century Jewish Environmental Movement

What is going on in the 21st century Jewish environmental movement is perhaps the most significant trend in Judaism to emerge in this new century. It’s certainly larger than any previous attempts, such as the movement in the 1970′s, to put Judaism and the environment on the communal agenda. Is this new movement a direct […]