Launching 2nd Annual Jewish Earth Week

The environment remains as critical an issue as ever. With hundreds of world leaders meeting in Paris this month to help stop climate change – its not a marginal topic. This huge interest in the environment creates a great opportunity to bring environmental educational initiatives, programming, and awareness campaigns to campus — with a Jewish voice. Your group’s involvement will translate into expanded engagement with Jewish students on your campus as we have seen from our first year where eight campuses and nearly 1000 students participated.

You already do great programming — this campaign asks each campus to make their programming “green” during this special week. For example:

• Making organic challah with Challah for Hunger
• Vegan Shabbat Dinner
• Eco-themed lunch-n-learns
• Green Israel Education Event

This year’s campaign will be rolled out on at least ten campuses.The Jewish Earth Week campaign is apolitical, pro-Israel, and focused on positive messaging and cooperation of campus organizations and university administrations. We hope that you will decide to be part of the campaign and apply for funding so we can help expand Jewish environmental programming on your campus.

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