Green Smoothies for Jewish Earth Week at Beach Hillel

1011765_10153112194534254_2092269913038138066_n-1Beach Hillel was excited to host its Picnic Tu B’shvat program on campus this year for Jewish Earth Week!

Students gathered to appreciate the holiday of the trees, eating fresh fruits and the iconic dried fruits to commemorate how the earth provides us with an abundance of food, resources, and contributes to our lives.

The program was done in coordination with our weekly “Cawffee Tawlk” program where we switched up the coffee beverage that we would normally drink with green smoothies from Robek’s.

Guest co-host Robert Oliver shared his experience of working with CA Senator Dianne Feinstein and spoke to students about the environmental challenges that the state is facing, and the strides that the state has made over the past few years to overcome these challenges.