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Launching 2nd Annual Jewish Earth Week

The environment remains as critical an issue as ever. With hundreds of world leaders meeting in Paris this month to help stop climate change – its not a marginal topic. This huge interest in the environment creates a great opportunity to bring environmental educational initiatives, programming, and awareness campaigns to campus — with a Jewish […]

Green Smoothies for Jewish Earth Week at Beach Hillel

Beach Hillel was excited to host its Picnic Tu B’shvat program on campus this year for Jewish Earth Week! Students gathered to appreciate the holiday of the trees, eating fresh fruits and the iconic dried fruits to commemorate how the earth provides us with an abundance of food, resources, and contributes to our lives. The […]

Kabbalist’s Feast, A Tu B’Shevat Seder PDF Download

Year’s ago in the ancient city of Safed, a group of Kabbalists uncovered the mystical secrets of Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish holiday commemorating trees which begins this year on Wednesday Night, January 15th. This group revealed these mystical secrets in a ritual ceremony patterned after the Passover Seder and observed on the night of Tu […]

How to Spell ט׳׳ו בשבט in English?

Transliterating Hebrew into English always leaves room for interpretation, frustration, complication, and confusion. There is of course the raging debate in America for the last 100 years: how do you spell Hanukah? Is it Chanukah using the “ch” of the original hebrew ח. Or will you soften it out and just use a “H”. Is […]